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I cannot believe that this day is here…the launch of our first product - a Praying for Your Husband journal. After years of planning and dreaming, this day really kicks off the start of what Glowing Local is all about.

On this website, I plan to talk quite a bit about different ways to make a difference right where you are, in your local community. One of the best ways I see to do that is through prayer. And what person has more of an impact on you, and what your vision of local community is, than your husband?

I started praying specifically for my husband about 2 years ago. I had always prayed for him, but mainly just some big, general prayers like, “help him find a job,” or “help him realize that he needs to clean up the bathroom sink.” You know - the usual.


But starting 2 years ago, I started writing down specific prayers for him…that he would resist the temptation to complain when around coworkers, that he would commit his day to the Lord no matter what disgruntled person called him on the phone, that he would find Godly friends who also had some common interests as him.

It was amazing what happened over time. By writing down my prayers, I could see huge and amazing ways the Lord had answered. I saw specific, detailed, nitty-gritty prayers answered. I saw big change in my husband’s heart. I could see how God was working and how he was being faithful to my husband, and I had a record of that change over time...due to writing it all down.

I also saw prayers that went unanswered - and what a blessing that is too. Continuing to pray big, it allowed me to draw close to God, and reminds me often that I am not in charge of God’s timing and the way He works.


That is how the Praying for your Husband journal came about. It is a 6-month prayer journal, with each week focusing on a different topic - the Workplace, Integrity, Temptation, Speech, etc. Within each week, there are scripture verses to pray over your husband, suggestions of things you can pray, space for your own list of requests for him, and a spot to write out a prayer for your husband. The journal is a resource to draw you closer to the Lord, by praying faithfully and diligently.

I hope you will join us in glowing some love into the life of your husband. I hope you will come before the Lord every day, drawing near to him in prayer, and seeing how the Lord can work in the life of those dear to you.

Snag your Praying for your Husband journal today!

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