How to Use your Praying for Your Husband journal

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Our new Praying for your Husband journal launched last week - it’s been an exciting week over here! 

I want the Praying for Your Husband journal to be something that draws you to Jesus, that points you to his character, and that puts you on a mission of praying daily (and obsessively!) for your husband.  I don’t want it to be something that becomes overwhelming, or that you use for a week and then sits on a shelf, or that you tear to pieces and use to start a fire in the upcoming cold months because you just don’t know how to use it.

So, here are the ways I use my Praying for Your Husband journal:

1. Start each week with prayer. I usually do this on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning when I am doing my quiet time. Each week has a specific topic you will be praying about (such as Work, Prayer Life, Eternal Perspective, etc.). I see what overall theme I am going to be praying over my husband that week, and I just ask God to show me what he wants me to pray, to teach me how to pray for that overall theme, and to really move in my husband’s life that week.

2. Read over the Scripture verses and the Ideas of Things to Pray For.  There are 2 pre-printed sections in the journal - a list of Scriptures (one for each day of the week) and a list of Things to Pray For. I do a big read through of all the Scripture pertaining to that week, and I usually put a star next to any verses that really stand out. I read over the Ideas of Things to Pray For section as well, and underline, star, or highlight ones that jump out at me.

3. Write in Specific Needs for the week. There is a blank section for you to write down specific needs for the week. I write down anything I want to pray for my husband…some of the things pertain to the overall theme I am praying for, and some are just things I know he has going on (i.e. project a work, leading his bible study’s discussion time, upcoming visit with family).

4. Use the Journal each day during your Quiet Time to pray for your husband. The journal is set up so you have a different verse to pray each day. When I use my journal, I use the scripture as a basis to formulate my prayers. I then pray some of the Ideas of Things to Pray For, asking God to formulate these qualities in his life. I end by praying for the Specific Needs, asking God to work in these areas in my husband’s life. 

5. Write out a prayer for your husband.  There is a final section each week to write out your own prayer for your husband. I usually do this at the end of the week, a kind of summary prayer of the main things I have been praying; however, you can do this at the beginning of the week too, and use it as a guide for your prayer time all week long.

6. Add any answered prayers to the God Working section at the back of the journal. As I see God answer prayers, I make sure to record them in the God Working portion at the end of the journal.  I go back through my journal about once every month, reading over all the prayer requests from each week, to see what new answers God has miraculously done.

Feel like too much?  Don’t get overwhelmed. The journal is a guide to point you to Jesus and draw your heart closer to him in prayer. If it overwhelms you, or becomes too much, just choose one bible verse and focus on that all week, instead of feeling like you are getting behind.

Have any tips you’d share with others about using your Praying for Your Husband journal?  Share below!

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