Best Friend Friday #2 - Organizations that Give Back

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If you were my best friend, and we were sharing a cup of tea on my dog-haired covered couch, I’d want you to know about these awesome organizations that give part of their profits to those in need:

• Better Life Bags – I just love this company, and love the heart of Rebecca who started it. Better Life Bags employs people that otherwise would not have jobs, and also gives a portion of their profits to help local neighbors in need. I was lucky enough to take an Influence Network class with her last month (excellent!), and she also has a great newsletter for small business owners (check out the link on the sidebar of her blog).
• The Root Collective - some of my favorite new shoes, and a wonderful organization that has been blowing up on social media. They give 10% of their profits to support artisans in marginalized communities. And the coolest part?  At checkout, you get to choose which of three charity organizations you want your purchase to support.
• 31 Bits - an amazing company that creates a lot of beautiful jewelry, and some other really cool stuff too. I love the mission of 31 Bits: using fashion and design to empower people to rise above poverty.  How cool is that? Plus, their jewelry is just to die for!
• FashionABLE - I wear a LOT of their scarves in the winter, and get compliments on them all.the.time. FashionABLE works with women in Africa, helping to provide lasting opportunities and jobs, working to overcome poverty through sustainable business. 

    What organizations do you love that give back? 


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