What I've Learned and January 2015 Goals

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December always makes for a busy month of fun and lots to do. With many work-projects, hours of travel, much family-time, obligatory preschool programs, and much more, there was much to learn.

Things I learned in December:

1. Don’t ever approach a pet turkey wearing a hat. My mother-in-law learned this in a most unfortunate way.

2. When you read 117 books in a year, your Christmas pile looks something like this. And you also receive a lot of awesome Barnes & Noble gift cards.

3. Be careful when making a Happy Birthday Jesus cake. Gumballs from 1997 don’t necessarily taste good anymore.

4. Getting up early has great advantages with a view like this. A back porch can declare the Glory of the Lord in so many ways.

5. The Tennessee Aquarium does not disappoint. I think my husband and I enjoyed it more than our 3-year old.

6. Making online-friends is the best. Being featured by Life Lived Beautifully was a real treat.

Around the web, I am loving:
• The one resolution from my fave author of Love Idol 
• "Step on snake before breakfast” - great words for the new year
• Good ideas on reading more in the coming year
• Why do we glorify busy?
• Good thoughts on being unseen this year
• The Modern Mrs. Darcy book linkup of favorite books 

In January, I am hoping to:
• Finish up work on a new Glowing Local journal!
• Send out the first birthday newsletter with a birthday discount code!
• Host 3 baby showers
• Take my son to the Monster Truck Show (oh me, oh my)
• Start my 2015 book list as this 2014 is now history

Happy 2015! What are you up to this month? 

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