The Lies We Tell Ourselves

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In the 5th grade, when I was packing for summer camp, I threw in some Sunday dresses I didn’t care about getting dirty. They were old, some I hadn’t worn in a while, but in my head, I figured it was camp, so why did it matter.

When our first Sunday arrived, and I pulled out a dress with hand stitching and a huge collar, I remember being mortified. The other girls had cute acid-wash jean skirts and matching scrunchies. It was the first time I remember feeling WAY out. I wanted clothes that made me feel cool and popular, as my appearance was not cutting it.

I’ve been telling myself lies every since.

You need to be perfect.
You’ll never be as good as her.
You can’t ever get your act together.
You’ll never be able to overcome that sin.
You have to be funny for people to like you.

I am constantly talking to myself in my head. Constantly telling myself things, evaluating situations, and weighing myself against the odds. My mind is a constant story, being written each day by the words I tell myself and the words I believe.

But so much of the story I am writing is just not true.

These lies are like thin ice, ready to sink me at a moment’s notice. Ready to give way when I lean on them too hard. 

A few years ago, I noticed I was listening to these lies more and more, so I grabbed a small blank journal and decided I needed a different story. I was sick of the words going through my head, and I needed some truth to combat these lies.

On each page of this new journal, I wrote a different lie I believed, and then underneath it, I wrote a real Truth from God’s word.  

On my page that said, “you can’t get it all together,” I wrote, “And he is before all things and in him all things hold together.” (Col. 1:17). On the page that said, “I can never overcome this sin,” I instead wrote, “For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.” (Col. 3:3).

Over the years the pages filled and the lies changed, depending on what I was going through. There are many days when the lies still win out. Instagram and Pinterest help speak the lies loud and clear. But, there are also the days when I find myself speaking a new story into my days, Truth over the lies, hope over the vast monologue of not-good-enough.

I highly recommend taking the time to write down the lies you tell yourself, and then finding Scripture to speak truth into your life. If you don’t know if something is a lie, ask a good friend (I have done this countless times!) Here is a list you can print to get started…I have this list stuck in my Bible for easy access (click on it to print PDF).

How can you speak Truth to yourself today? What lies do you believe?

*Many different authors I have had the privilege of reading have talked about this great idea…Annie Downs in Perfectly Unique, Kate Conner in Enough, and most recently Lara Casey in Make it Happen. Great books to further read about finding your worth and truth in God.

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January 13, 2015

No kidding – glad I had a partner in crime :)


January 12, 2015

Well, we all know that I wasn’t the one with an acid washed skirt and matching a crunchy. #trendsetters Great blog!

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