Valentines Day Love (and Coupon Coming!)

Posted on January 26, 2015 by Sarah Brown | 0 Comments

Valentines Day is quickly approaching, and what better gift to give your husband than your commitment to pray intentionally for him? Valentines Day is a great time to kick off your commitment to pray everyday for your husband using our Praying for your Husband journal.

Why pray everyday for your husband? 

Sharon Jaynes in her book Praying for your Husband from Head to Toe hits the nail on the head by saying, “amazingly, [God] invites you to play a part in the miracle of making your husband into the man He created him to be.”

We have the awesome and unique opportunity to see God working in the life of our husbands. Because I live day in and day out with my husband, I see ways the Lord is softening his heart, working in his life, and opening him up to God’s character. How wonderful that God invites me to play a part in this miracle through prayer!

On Thursday, I will be sending a newsletter with a Valentine’s Day code to use up until February 14. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter list so you don’t miss this opportunity!

Give your husband the greatest gift of all this Valentines day - your commitment to show your love through daily prayer for him.

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