Mind Mapping our Way to Growth

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Do you remember mind mapping? Reminds you of middle and high school, huh?

Confession: I actually still use mind mapping all the time. When I have a work project and I want to think creatively and explore different patterns, I mind map. For example, I recently was working on a website redesign project and used mind mapping to figure out why people would come to the website and who the audience is.

Tom and David Kelley in the amazing book Creative Confidence talk about mind mapping being better than a list, to "help facilitate divergent or unconventional thinking.” I would agree; mind mapping helps my list-making, slightly-type-A personality feel more free to explore different concepts. Here’s an example they share in their book:

Have you ever thought about mind mapping to grow and learn more about Jesus? 

The other day, I was talking to my husband about farming, and it reminded me of some Bible verses about farming…which got me looking in the Bible for different ways God describes our growth using farming-type images. I tried to write a straightforward list, but it was hard in list-form to connect ideas.

So, I decided to mind map.

I was looking specifically at growth - I wanted to know more about how God uses the ideas of harvesting and planting to speak to us about that idea.

Using my Bible, an ESV Study Bible, and good-ole Google, I looked up words such as “harvest”, “vine”, “fruit”, “tree”, and more. As I came across new verses, I started drawing out my mind map.

I started with the word Growth in the middle, as that was my main focus, and branched off from there. When I got done, my finished product looked something like this:

It helped so much to mind map this concept, as it allowed me to see how different verses fell in different categories. I could see how the Lord uses harvest imagery to explain how we can become a wild vine when not bearing Godly fruit. I could see how many times God uses tree symbolism when talking eternally. I could visually see how the idea of planting seeds and sowing righteousness came up multiple times.

Relive your middle school glory-days and give mind mapping a try…a great way to visually put God’s word together into a big picture.

Do you still mind map?  Have you ever done it when reading the Bible?

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