Best Friend Friday #4 - Starting Something New

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It’s been a while since I have done a Best Friend Friday around here…so time for another. I’ve had a few people ask me recently about resources or ideas when starting your own company or starting a blog, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite books focusing on that topic.  So, if you were my best friend, and we were sharing a cup of tea on my dog-hair covered couch, I would want you to know about these great books:

Let’s All Be Brave: A wonderful book by a wonderful author, Annie Downs does a great job touching on how fear really holds so many of us back from doing what the we are passionate about.  I read her book this fall before officially starting Glowing Local, and it was extremely influential in pushing me to trust God! 

Start with WhyThis book by Simon Sinek was inspirational in so many ways when I read it a year ago. As a Christian in business, I want the Why of everything I do to be about Jesus. This book helps give you a great frame of mind for putting your Why into perspective - why are you doing what you are doing?

We are All Weird: Super short read from a favorite author Seth Godin, this book really narrows in on niche markets, and how you don’t have to be everything to everyone. As Godin says, there is a new “era of weirdness” these days, and in business, it can be great to embrace that.

Make It Happen: Just finished this excellent book by Lara Casey, and I keep going back to it over and over. We can chase money, self-glorification, others' perceptions, acceptance…or we can chase Jesus. A great read for anyone thinking about what’s important in business and work.

What great business books do you recommend, especially in regards to starting something new?

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