Doing Something Everyday...Like Prayer

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I am in the middle of reading Manage Your Day-To-Day, a book I am really enjoying that shares some really interesting insight from multiple creative minds on using your time wisely to do your very best work.  

Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project mentions in her chapter that she keeps a long list of “Secrets of Adulthood”, which are a list of lessons she has learned as she grown up. One of her best secrets is, “What I do every day matters more than what I do once in a while."

I love this, and can’t help but think about how it relates to our spiritual growth.

So many times I put off doing certain “God things” because the situation is just not right - my child woke too early, my child is being too loud, the dishes are overflowing, the dog hair covering my entire house is out of control. Until I can get the perfect situation, I can put off the task…and many times that includes prayer.

I love Rubin’s advice - doing something every day is what is important. A belief in this is partly why I organized the Praying for Husband journal like I did…giving you a verse to pray every day. Praying is important, and doing it every day matters so much more than doing it once in a while.

What things matter so much to you that you do them everyday?

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