Praying for your Future Husband

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I get asked quite often about whether the Praying for Your Husband journal is good for women that are not yet married, and if it can be used to pray for your FUTURE husband. The answer is…YES!

I heard from a couple of single girls who started using it that way this winter as part of their small group time. As women who are trying to seek the Lord, instead of finding love in all the wrong places, the small group committed to praying for Mr. Right, even though they might not know who he is yet.

(Great photo from @angelaols)

Throughout the past few months, the small group has used their Praying for your Husband journals each week alongside their Bible Study curriculum…an easy way to be intentional about laying their desires for a husband at the feet of the Lord, committing their future (and their husband’s future) to the Lord.

What a great way to focus on Jesus during a time in life when the world tells you that love can be immediate, temporary, and self-seeking. 

One girl in the group also found it as a way to stay accountable. She shared that when going on dates, it is easy to get wrapped up in the feelings of the moment, but since she has been praying for her future husband, “I have new perspective. I find myself stopping and thinking about whether this guy has what the Bible calls us to strive for - humility, surrender, kind words - the same things I have been praying for my future husband."

Thanks to the D3 Small Group for sharing their story…love how you are committing your life to Jesus right now!  

Do you pray for your future husband, if you are not yet married?  If you are married, did you pray for him before you got married?

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