Praying for Your City

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I live in a wonderful city; we just love living in Greenville, SC. It has a vibrant art scene, great outdoor opportunities, an incredible walkable downtown, excellent restaurants…I could go on and on.

As much as I love so many things about Greenville, there are many people who live here in great need, without homes or jobs, just really needing help. The United Ministries here in town offers a Greenville Poverty Tour, giving a history of certain neighborhoods, and driving you to different areas that are in great need. It is amazing to me that many of these neighborhoods are just blocks away from the vibrant and cultural downtown.

Praying for my city is something I don’t always think about doing. It’s easier for me to pray for specific people or specific needs, but praying in general for my city can feel overwhelming. However, this city needs prayer, and many people that live here need Jesus.

Here are some different ways I have been praying recently for our city; it’s just a starting list - I would love to know your thoughts:

• Unity for churches and church leadership
• Specific organizations that help those in great need (in Greenville, I regularly pray for the Harvest Hope Food bank, Miracle Hill, specific soup kitchens, the Frazee Center, Homes of Hope, some orphan and adoption ministries, etc.)
• Gospel preached boldly in our city and in our churches 
• That our family and others will live more missionally, with God opening doors to new opportunities
• For God to intersect my life with people I can help and assist
• Small businesses in the area
• City and people living here will come to know Jesus and stand in awe of Him
• Peace and prosperity for our city
• Elected officials who help govern and run our city

Praying for my city is not something I think about all the time…what about you? I’d love to know any thoughts or suggestions on what you would add to the list above

In what ways do you pray for your city? 

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