Best Christian Fiction Series for Great Summer Reading

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I don’t read a ton of Christian fiction (can’t get past a lot of the book covers…why do they all have young women in bonnets?!), but I do read some every year, based on recommendations from friends and family.  And, over the years, I have read some great Christian Fiction series that would make for some perfect easy summer reading. 

The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson - I recently finished up this series, and I highly recommend it. It’s got the mystical, legendary feel of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, but with an amazing message and story line. You’ll read through these fast! A good family-read too…can’t wait to start with my son!

Chronicles of the Kings by Lynn Austin - This series is just so good. I found myself quickly buying the next book as I just couldn’t wait to keep the story going. It really brings some Old Testatment stories to life in a way that is fun, exciting, and suspenseful. I also found myself really thinking about an aspect of my faith and belief in God at the end of each book, drawing me to the Lord in a different areas - very good indeed.

Mark of the Lion by Francine Rivers - Probably more well-known than some of these other books, this series is excellent. Great historical Christian fiction around the time of the 1st century. It has the love, the betrayal, the death, the gore…good reading.

The Mitford Years by Jan Karon - I am still working my way through this series, so can’t speak for all the books, but the books provide easy and fun reading, perfect for summer. If you like small-town life and detailed character development, you’ll enjoy these funny Mitford folks. They are a tad slower to me, but many people just love them.

What Christian Fiction series would you recommend?  Read any of these? If so, what did you think?

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June 30, 2015

I totally agree with you about covers. 7+ years in Christian retail exposed me to some of the worst covers and titles I’ve ever seen. Some of those were still good books, but most were not…. I loved the Mark of the Lion series. Other Christian fiction I recommended was Dee Hildreth’s Savannah from Savannah series, as well as The Swan House by Elisabeth Musser (not a series…but still good). I haven’t read them since high school, but I still remember both being quite good.

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