Best Friend Friday #6 - Nonfiction that Make You Laugh

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In the last edition of Best Friend Friday, I talked about some wonderful, engaging non-fiction reads that I have really enjoyed in the past year. I had a few people ask me for some nonfiction, memoir-type books that are more fun, not so serious…there are so many!  Here are four great ones to get you started, if you’re looking for something really fun:

Food, A Love Story - a great book by a funny comedian. I found myself laughing out loud at this multiple times. I never knew so much talk about food could be so funny and just plain enjoyable.

As You Wish - If you love the Princess Bride, this is a real treat. The book is written by Westley, and he narrates the audio book as well (many of the characters from the movie also give short audio clips throughout the narration of the book, which is so fun!) It is a great look at how the movie was made, with some really interesting facts and humorous stories.

Yes Please - This is one of those that everyone seems to know about or read recently….I enjoyed it too. Pohler does an excellent job of being very humorous but also talking about some bigger life issues in a really uplifting way. I really enjoyed the audio book on this one as well.

Carry On Warrior - Also diving into some tough life issues, this book is a great mix of serious and comedy. I found myself understanding and nodding my head in agreement at many parts, while also laughing out loud numerous times too. Real good read, with the touch of humor you need.

What would you recommend as a fun nonfiction memoir-type read? Have you read any of these?

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