Freedom in So Many Ways

Posted on July 01, 2015 by Sarah Brown | 1 Comment

Fourth of July is always so much fun. We are celebrating this year with lots of inflatable rides, carnival food, and an amazing fireworks show. I just can’t wait.

Naturally, this holiday always reminds me of the word “Freedom” and what it really means in my life. We are so lucky in many ways; we are afforded so many freedoms in our country. 

During this 4th of July holiday, I also can’t help but think about the freedoms I am given in Christ. These freedoms are so easy to overlook, and so easy to take for granted…but shouldn’t we be celebrating these Christ-freedoms as well? Sometimes the Christian life can feel so constricting - lots of rules, lots of no-can-dos. But this life is also about such glorious freedom.

Because I am in Christ, I have freedom in:

• Not having to please people all the time
• The ability to let go of so many things the world tells me are important
• Finances - they don’t have to control me
• Being forgiven over and over
• Marriage, as I can understand that 2 broken people are involved
• Being honest and vulnerable with like-minded friends
• Confidence, as I know that there is so much more than what I know now

I need to celebrate my God-given freedoms more often, not just the ones I remember each 4th of July.

May we all celebrate our freedoms long after this July holiday, and choose to rejoice throughout the year in what we have gained as children of God.

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