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We just got home a few weeks ago from our summer away, and I still feel like I am getting my feet under me. I needed to take a little break before diving back into blogging…it has been much needed! I don’t read many books over the summer due to my crazy work schedule, but here are some of the books I read since my last book update

Favorite Books Read this Summer:

Wild in the Hollow by Amber C. Haines: I saw this book pop up everywhere on social media, so as soon as we returned home, I couldn’t wait to dive in. The writing is very lyrical and the author is a great storyteller, weaving some wonderful honesty with some gut-wrenching challenges over the years. Really enjoyed this one.

The Royal We by Heather Cox: I saw this book pop up all over the place in the spring/summer and was a little hesitant about it. It is very fun! I thoroughly enjoyed it and could think of about 5 different friends who I wanted to lend it to next. If you want something light with a little romance, definitely a fun read.

Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman: I have ready all of Emily’s other books and couldn’t wait to get my hands on her newest one!  I really, really enjoyed it and found it to be so thought provoking regarding how you can either live your life at full speed or take the time to savor the little things. Great read.

The Selection series by Kiera Cass: I feel a little silly recommending this series as it is mindless and kind of like the Bachelor in book-form. I couldn’t believe that I kept reading them and couldn’t believe that I kept ordering the next book. But, for summer reading, these were easy reads when I just needed a mental break.

Other books read this summer:

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo: Enjoyable read but don’t know if I’ll be buying any more in the series - just didn’t hook me enough.

Paper Towns by John Green: I know this book is very popular and many people love it; I just couldn’t get over how annoyed I was with the main characters. Think I am just over the teenage drama after working at a camp all summer, but I just found myself getting annoyed with Quentin and Margo.

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