Should We Be Singing "O Come Let Us Adore Him"?

Posted on December 10, 2014 by Sarah Brown | 0 Comments

I love the Advent season at church, as we sing many beloved Christmas hymns throughout the service. This past Sunday, we sang a collective favorite among our church family - O Come Let Us Adore Him. People sang with such gusto, myself included, and it felt so real, so hopeful.

But, really, I’ve got to stop singing that hymn.

Really, we probably all should. We sing it with enthusiasm, but so many of us are doing the opposite of what we’re singing. 

We’re belting out a desire, through the lyrics, to come joyful and with a hope to behold Him.  A hope to see glory in the highest ready to greet Jesus this morning.


For me, so much of what I am declaring in that hymn is just not how I live my life. I’m singing something that isn’t playing out on a daily level.  I fail to Come and Adore him with so many things...

Do I come to Jesus with my schedule? What about my hopes in the new year? Do I come to Him before calling my friends for advice, before gossiping to my friends about a funny misunderstanding with a mutual acquaintance? Before posting something on Instagram?

Do I adore Jesus with my money? With my plans? What about with my to-do list? Do I adore Him with the way I interact with people I don’t like very much? What about in the way I recount the tedious mundane details of raising a toddler to my friends? In my free time - what do I do when I have 15 minutes of free time? Do I adore Jesus in any of it?

Am I ready to “greet" Jesus today? What about when we find out a friend’s surgery doesn’t go as planned? When a loved one has lost hope? Do I plan to greet Jesus today when dreams I have been praying over just aren’t being answered? Do I come joyful when life isn’t going the way I planned?

These are all things I can attest to in the past month - things I have done or feelings I have had. I go around this season singing a hymn with angst, as really no truth of the lyrics can be seen in so many details of my day-to-day life.

This season, I don’t want to just sing these lyrics flippantly, and then move on with my daily tasks.  God is calling me today to Come. Adore. Greet Jesus. Come Joyful. Behold Him. Today, I have grace to try again. Grace to start fresh this season. Grace to start over.

Am I willing, today, to Come and Adore? 

Are you?

Is this the year when what we are singing is really going to play out in our lives?  Is this the year that we will Come to Jesus with our schedules, to-do lists, conversations, use of social media, future, hopes (even the unfulfilled ones)?  Is this the year we will Adore Him, even when things are spiraling out of control these last few days until Christmas?

Are you willing to Come and Adore Him this season? To Come and Adore Him today?

Then, just maybe, we can sing O Come Let Us Adore Him with true hearts, beholding Him and greeting Him joyfully each day.

What can you do to Come and Adore Him today? In what do you need Grace to start fresh again?

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