Valentines Day Printable Coupon

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Many of you are giving your husbands the greatest gift of all this Valentines Day - the gift of intentional and committed prayer.  If you are one of the many people who ordered a Praying for your Husband Journal for the big Love Day, you can print off the coupon below to give to your hubby as part of your V-Day gift. If you haven’t ordered your Praying for your Husband journal yet, there’s still a chance it will make it in time (fingers crossed…but depends on where you live!) Either way, you can still print out this coupon and give to him on Valentines, with your journal hopefully arriving by Monday.

May these next 6 months be our real way to show love to our husbands by praying for them every day and committing their lives to the Lord.

(Click image to print)

If you need information on how to use your journal or how to remember to pray, check out our Resources page for lots of tips.

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Glow Some Love to Unsuspecting People - Free Printable

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Holiday season is such a great time to really glow some love into the lives of people you might see often, but don’t necessarily interact with on a regular basis. It’s an awesome opportunity to connect with your mailman, the housekeeping staff at your church or school, the garbage drivers, your favorite grocery bagger, your school’s security guards, your favorite coffee shop barista, and more. 

Our family is on a strict Christmas budget, but I still want to thank these people (and in turn connect with these people) in unexpected ways.

An easy way is a food or drink related treat, packaged in a clear or paper bag.  Use the free gift tag printables below to attach to your bag, writing in a short note from your family.

Here are some easy treat ideas that look promising:

Our family's favorite peanut butter cup cookies

These are speaking my peppermint chocolate love language

Good looking homemade hot chocolate mix 

This year, the pressure of making something is already sending me over the edge, so I’ll probably be using prepackaged cookie dough or hot chocolate. 

No matter what you do, reach out to someone this holiday season who you might see often but have not taken the chance to really get to know.  What a great way to glow some love into your local community this holiday!

How do you plan to glow some love in unexpected ways this holiday season?

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Praying through the Holidays - Free Printable

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The holidays are upon us, and nothing brings me to prayer like extended time with family, holiday traffic, and my child being out of school. As you prepare for the holiday season, use this free printable as a way to prepare your heart with prayer, focusing on Jesus during busy weeks ahead. (Click on image below to print PDF file).

What will you do to stay focused on what is really important during the holiday weeks ahead?

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