Getting Creative About Doing Good

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My to-do list is LONG and my work load is HEAVY in this season of the year. The first things I see go during these busy, busy seasons are my time with the Lord and my intentional love of other people. When something has to give, those two things lose out almost every time.

I have talked before about being intentional, about setting up my day to focus on an eternal perspective, and about how Glowing Local started as an effort for our family to be more generous. But, right now, these things get pushed out as I struggle to keep up with the day-to-day. They become the not-happenings and the I’ll-do-this-laters.

Recently, I finished reading What’s Best Next by Matt Parman - I really got so much out of that book (and have quoted it a few times on the blog already). One of my favorite things he talks about is getting creative with doing good.

Parman’s premise for his book is that our life has a purpose (to glorify God and serve others); this purpose has HUGE affects on our work - how we view it, how we organize our week, how to finish tasks.

When talking about weekly planning, he is big on making sure that we are being proactive about doing good for others. In writing down all that we have to accomplish for the week, if we don’t have items on our list that allow for us to serve, than Parman says that we have drifted from our main purpose - serving others out of our love for God.

I just love this. I usually put serving and doing good as “extra tasks” that happen if (and only if) I am able to get everything done…which these days, never happens.

Parman recommends asking yourself 4 questions when you are planning your week:

1. What actions can I take against injustice this week?
2. Who is in need, and how might I be able to help?
3. What can I do proactively for the good of my family, my neighbors, my coworkers, my community?
4. What action can I take, even if small, in the fight against large global problems like extreme poverty, lack of access to clean water, lack of shelter, communicable diseases, and the advancement of the gospel?

Wow. What if we all, as Christians, were able to add just one act of doing good into our weekly routine, being intentional about doing something good instead of seeing whether we have enough time? How much good could we accomplish if just 10 of us, or 100 of us, or if all the millions of Christians around the world did this?

This week, I have planned two small things scheduled, written on my calendar just like a regular appointment, so that I will make these two things important instead of just after thoughts. I can’t wait.

Do you make service an important part of your weekly schedule, or just an afterthought? What one thing could you do this week, to answer one of Parman’s 4 questions?

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Glowing Back with Mocha Club

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When the idea for Glowing Local was still just a bunch of ideas on paper, I didn’t know much for certain, but I knew I had two big goals: to point people to the Lord, and to give away part of the profits to people who were in need. I saw the start of Glowing Local as a way for our family to be more generous, really laying the profits of Glowing Local before the Lord, to do what He saw fit. I hoped that the idea of giving would be ingrained in the philosophy of what Glowing Local was all about, living out Matthew 25 - to feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, help the needy.

Mocha Club really hits a spot in me with their mission of “giving up a few mochas a month.” When I look at my budget, things can feel really tight.  How can I give more money, when we’re already pressed thin?  But, when you think of it in terms of small purchases, like mochas, well I always seem to have a few extra bucks for those. Genius.

I was really drawn to Mocha Club’s Orphan Care work, as I have worked with children for many years. Mocha Club is making tangible differences in the lives of children in Kauma, Malawi in Africa. Because Mocha Club has funded clean water in the city, children don’t get sick as often, allowing them to attend school, which opens a world of opportunity to them. Because Mocha Club helps feed these children, when they attend school, they can pay attention, as hungry kids really can't learn.

By partnering with Mocha Club, a portion of every purchase from Glowing Local goes straight to Mocha Club, to fund the Orphan Care work in Kauma. Your purchase is providing hope and a future. Your purchase is meeting a need for a child in great poverty across the globe.

If you don’t already support Mocha Club through their monthly giving, you should….today!  What a great way to start the new year; commit today to give up a few mochas each month to give desperate children hope and a future.  

Won’t you join Mocha Club in this great mission?

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Best Friend Friday #2 - Organizations that Give Back

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If you were my best friend, and we were sharing a cup of tea on my dog-haired covered couch, I’d want you to know about these awesome organizations that give part of their profits to those in need:

• Better Life Bags – I just love this company, and love the heart of Rebecca who started it. Better Life Bags employs people that otherwise would not have jobs, and also gives a portion of their profits to help local neighbors in need. I was lucky enough to take an Influence Network class with her last month (excellent!), and she also has a great newsletter for small business owners (check out the link on the sidebar of her blog).
• The Root Collective - some of my favorite new shoes, and a wonderful organization that has been blowing up on social media. They give 10% of their profits to support artisans in marginalized communities. And the coolest part?  At checkout, you get to choose which of three charity organizations you want your purchase to support.
• 31 Bits - an amazing company that creates a lot of beautiful jewelry, and some other really cool stuff too. I love the mission of 31 Bits: using fashion and design to empower people to rise above poverty.  How cool is that? Plus, their jewelry is just to die for!
• FashionABLE - I wear a LOT of their scarves in the winter, and get compliments on them all.the.time. FashionABLE works with women in Africa, helping to provide lasting opportunities and jobs, working to overcome poverty through sustainable business. 

    What organizations do you love that give back? 


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