Glowing Back Donation Update

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Glowing Local began a little over 6 months ago with the main goal of allowing our family to be more generous with our finances. The goal from the beginning was to raise $1000 for both Harvest Hope Food Bank and Mocha Club, two organizations you can read more about on the Glowing Back section of our website.

With $1000, Harvest Hope Food Bank will be able to pack 100 boxes of food for the hungry in our local area.

With $1000, Mocha Club will be able to continue their orphan care efforts in Malawi through the Lizulu Orphan Care Center.

As of today, through your purchases of our Praying for your Husband journal, we have raised $602 for both Harvest Hope Food Bank and Mocha Club!! I am beyond humbled and thrilled for us to support such great work by such hard working individuals.

Over half way there…with about $800 to go. I’m excited to see us fully fund these programs over the next few months.

Thank you for your support of Glowing Local, which in turn supports Harvest Hope Food Bank and Mocha Club!

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Glowing Back with Harvest Hope

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I started Glowing Local back in October for many reasons…one of those stemming from a desire for our family to be more generous. A few months ago, I talked about how Glowing Local gives a portion of its profits to Mocha Club, helping to fund Orphan Care work in Kauma, Malawai.

In addition to Mocha Club, Glowing Local also supports the Harvest Hope Food Bank located in South Carolina. I really wanted to be able to give back to our local community, and this organization does so much for people in our city.

Harvest Hope is about feeding the hungry…and man, oh man, there are so many hungry people in our city. Harvest Hope serves as a Food Bank, allowing organizations to purchase food at a huge discount to then freely serve to hungry people across the city (organizations like soup kitchens, churches, etc.) Harvest Hope also runs an Emergency Food Pantry, allowing individuals to freely shop for food once a month so to be able to feed their families.

I was connected with an amazing woman Jane Daniel of the Greenville branch of Harvest Hope back in October of this past year, and she really helped explain the hunger situation in our city. She described it by saying that the “face of hunger is changing” - many of us think of the homeless as those that need food (and they do!), but according to Jane, many families frequenting the Emergency Food Pantry are people like you and me who have just fallen on hard times. Due to something like a job loss or death in the family, many parents are working multiple jobs to make ends meet, often leaving a grandparent to watch over the children while parents work long shifts. Jane described so many of these people as proud people who are just trying to get back on their feet.

In our city of Greenville, I don’t often really think about the hungry…its just not something that crosses my mind unless I make the effort to think about it. But, just down the street from where I live, there are children whose only meal that day is at school; these same children save half of this meal to share with family later that night, as there won’t be many more food.

I am beyond proud that YOU are making a difference in people’s lives through your support of Glowing Local. Thank you for buying a journal…and then in turn, helping to supply food for those in great need.

To find out more about Harvest Hope, make sure to visit their website. If you are local and looking for a great organization to get involved with, I’d highly recommend Harvest Hope. Let me know if you want me to connect you with the great people over there!

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Glow Some Love to Unsuspecting People - Free Printable

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Holiday season is such a great time to really glow some love into the lives of people you might see often, but don’t necessarily interact with on a regular basis. It’s an awesome opportunity to connect with your mailman, the housekeeping staff at your church or school, the garbage drivers, your favorite grocery bagger, your school’s security guards, your favorite coffee shop barista, and more. 

Our family is on a strict Christmas budget, but I still want to thank these people (and in turn connect with these people) in unexpected ways.

An easy way is a food or drink related treat, packaged in a clear or paper bag.  Use the free gift tag printables below to attach to your bag, writing in a short note from your family.

Here are some easy treat ideas that look promising:

Our family's favorite peanut butter cup cookies

These are speaking my peppermint chocolate love language

Good looking homemade hot chocolate mix 

This year, the pressure of making something is already sending me over the edge, so I’ll probably be using prepackaged cookie dough or hot chocolate. 

No matter what you do, reach out to someone this holiday season who you might see often but have not taken the chance to really get to know.  What a great way to glow some love into your local community this holiday!

How do you plan to glow some love in unexpected ways this holiday season?

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Glowing Back with Mocha Club

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When the idea for Glowing Local was still just a bunch of ideas on paper, I didn’t know much for certain, but I knew I had two big goals: to point people to the Lord, and to give away part of the profits to people who were in need. I saw the start of Glowing Local as a way for our family to be more generous, really laying the profits of Glowing Local before the Lord, to do what He saw fit. I hoped that the idea of giving would be ingrained in the philosophy of what Glowing Local was all about, living out Matthew 25 - to feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, help the needy.

Mocha Club really hits a spot in me with their mission of “giving up a few mochas a month.” When I look at my budget, things can feel really tight.  How can I give more money, when we’re already pressed thin?  But, when you think of it in terms of small purchases, like mochas, well I always seem to have a few extra bucks for those. Genius.

I was really drawn to Mocha Club’s Orphan Care work, as I have worked with children for many years. Mocha Club is making tangible differences in the lives of children in Kauma, Malawi in Africa. Because Mocha Club has funded clean water in the city, children don’t get sick as often, allowing them to attend school, which opens a world of opportunity to them. Because Mocha Club helps feed these children, when they attend school, they can pay attention, as hungry kids really can't learn.

By partnering with Mocha Club, a portion of every purchase from Glowing Local goes straight to Mocha Club, to fund the Orphan Care work in Kauma. Your purchase is providing hope and a future. Your purchase is meeting a need for a child in great poverty across the globe.

If you don’t already support Mocha Club through their monthly giving, you should….today!  What a great way to start the new year; commit today to give up a few mochas each month to give desperate children hope and a future.  

Won’t you join Mocha Club in this great mission?

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