Praying the Word with Life Lived Beautifully

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Praying scripture is a big deal to me…and I can’t recommend it enough. It is the basis for how I designed the Praying for your Husband journal and the way I pray in my own life. I wrote about How to Pray Scripture a few months ago, explaining how I “put the Word to work.” Since reading Prayer, by Timothy Keller, I have also been using his suggestion of praying through the Psalms - it has been extremely helpful and insightful in my prayer life.

One of the women I admire most online is Gretchen of Life Lived Beautifully. Her blog is probably one of my favorite things, and not a week goes by that I don’t add one of her posts to my favorite blog posts on Pinterest. She is so laser-focused on Jesus, pointing to the Lord in everything she shares. What an inspiration!

(picture from Life Lived Beautifully)

Gretchen shared an oustanding post last week as part of her Well Watered Women series on Praying the Word. It has some great background into why praying God’s Word is so important, and also many suggestions on how to approach prayer time with the Lord. I especially loved her reminder on prayer being a posture, opening our hands as a “physical reminder to…let go of all the things I hold onto and to let God take control.” Words of wisdom right there.

At the end of the post, she lists some great resources…I’ve used her Give Me Jesus journal for quite some time…HIGHLY recommend it. I also enjoy Val Woerner’s prayer journal. And, who can’t love the Praying for you Husband journal too? :)

If you’re looking for some inspiration on praying God’s word, make sure to check out Gretchen’s post…wonderful words from a wise friend!

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Valentines Day Love (and Coupon Coming!)

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Valentines Day is quickly approaching, and what better gift to give your husband than your commitment to pray intentionally for him? Valentines Day is a great time to kick off your commitment to pray everyday for your husband using our Praying for your Husband journal.

Why pray everyday for your husband? 

Sharon Jaynes in her book Praying for your Husband from Head to Toe hits the nail on the head by saying, “amazingly, [God] invites you to play a part in the miracle of making your husband into the man He created him to be.”

We have the awesome and unique opportunity to see God working in the life of our husbands. Because I live day in and day out with my husband, I see ways the Lord is softening his heart, working in his life, and opening him up to God’s character. How wonderful that God invites me to play a part in this miracle through prayer!

On Thursday, I will be sending a newsletter with a Valentine’s Day code to use up until February 14. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter list so you don’t miss this opportunity!

Give your husband the greatest gift of all this Valentines day - your commitment to show your love through daily prayer for him.

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How to Use your Praying for Your Husband journal

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Our new Praying for your Husband journal launched last week - it’s been an exciting week over here! 

I want the Praying for Your Husband journal to be something that draws you to Jesus, that points you to his character, and that puts you on a mission of praying daily (and obsessively!) for your husband.  I don’t want it to be something that becomes overwhelming, or that you use for a week and then sits on a shelf, or that you tear to pieces and use to start a fire in the upcoming cold months because you just don’t know how to use it.

So, here are the ways I use my Praying for Your Husband journal:

1. Start each week with prayer. I usually do this on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning when I am doing my quiet time. Each week has a specific topic you will be praying about (such as Work, Prayer Life, Eternal Perspective, etc.). I see what overall theme I am going to be praying over my husband that week, and I just ask God to show me what he wants me to pray, to teach me how to pray for that overall theme, and to really move in my husband’s life that week.

2. Read over the Scripture verses and the Ideas of Things to Pray For.  There are 2 pre-printed sections in the journal - a list of Scriptures (one for each day of the week) and a list of Things to Pray For. I do a big read through of all the Scripture pertaining to that week, and I usually put a star next to any verses that really stand out. I read over the Ideas of Things to Pray For section as well, and underline, star, or highlight ones that jump out at me.

3. Write in Specific Needs for the week. There is a blank section for you to write down specific needs for the week. I write down anything I want to pray for my husband…some of the things pertain to the overall theme I am praying for, and some are just things I know he has going on (i.e. project a work, leading his bible study’s discussion time, upcoming visit with family).

4. Use the Journal each day during your Quiet Time to pray for your husband. The journal is set up so you have a different verse to pray each day. When I use my journal, I use the scripture as a basis to formulate my prayers. I then pray some of the Ideas of Things to Pray For, asking God to formulate these qualities in his life. I end by praying for the Specific Needs, asking God to work in these areas in my husband’s life. 

5. Write out a prayer for your husband.  There is a final section each week to write out your own prayer for your husband. I usually do this at the end of the week, a kind of summary prayer of the main things I have been praying; however, you can do this at the beginning of the week too, and use it as a guide for your prayer time all week long.

6. Add any answered prayers to the God Working section at the back of the journal. As I see God answer prayers, I make sure to record them in the God Working portion at the end of the journal.  I go back through my journal about once every month, reading over all the prayer requests from each week, to see what new answers God has miraculously done.

Feel like too much?  Don’t get overwhelmed. The journal is a guide to point you to Jesus and draw your heart closer to him in prayer. If it overwhelms you, or becomes too much, just choose one bible verse and focus on that all week, instead of feeling like you are getting behind.

Have any tips you’d share with others about using your Praying for Your Husband journal?  Share below!

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Praying for Your Husband Journals are Here!

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I cannot believe that this day is here…the launch of our first product - a Praying for Your Husband journal. After years of planning and dreaming, this day really kicks off the start of what Glowing Local is all about.

On this website, I plan to talk quite a bit about different ways to make a difference right where you are, in your local community. One of the best ways I see to do that is through prayer. And what person has more of an impact on you, and what your vision of local community is, than your husband?

I started praying specifically for my husband about 2 years ago. I had always prayed for him, but mainly just some big, general prayers like, “help him find a job,” or “help him realize that he needs to clean up the bathroom sink.” You know - the usual.


But starting 2 years ago, I started writing down specific prayers for him…that he would resist the temptation to complain when around coworkers, that he would commit his day to the Lord no matter what disgruntled person called him on the phone, that he would find Godly friends who also had some common interests as him.

It was amazing what happened over time. By writing down my prayers, I could see huge and amazing ways the Lord had answered. I saw specific, detailed, nitty-gritty prayers answered. I saw big change in my husband’s heart. I could see how God was working and how he was being faithful to my husband, and I had a record of that change over time...due to writing it all down.

I also saw prayers that went unanswered - and what a blessing that is too. Continuing to pray big, it allowed me to draw close to God, and reminds me often that I am not in charge of God’s timing and the way He works.


That is how the Praying for your Husband journal came about. It is a 6-month prayer journal, with each week focusing on a different topic - the Workplace, Integrity, Temptation, Speech, etc. Within each week, there are scripture verses to pray over your husband, suggestions of things you can pray, space for your own list of requests for him, and a spot to write out a prayer for your husband. The journal is a resource to draw you closer to the Lord, by praying faithfully and diligently.

I hope you will join us in glowing some love into the life of your husband. I hope you will come before the Lord every day, drawing near to him in prayer, and seeing how the Lord can work in the life of those dear to you.

Snag your Praying for your Husband journal today!

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