Great Reads if you are Surrounded by Middle Schoolers

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Have a middle schooler? Work with middle schoolers? Don’t ever want to remember anything about your middle school days? (Well, can’t help you with that last one…unless you want to commiserate.) Middle school is a rough time for everyone. These great books give a  look into the life of middle schooler and would be good reads for people surrounded by that age:

Wonder by R.J. Palacio: This book made my best book list from last year, and I can’t recommend it enough. Telling the story of a boy with a face deformity, and how he manages the 5th grade world, it is a great read and shows how kindness can be seen and found in so many different ways.

Graceful by Emily P. Freeman: I read this book as an adult, and knew that it was written for young girls, but gosh…it hit home with me in big ways, and most definitely would hit home with any young girls you are around. Talking through the struggle of trying to be the “good girl” and what God has in store for us instead. Even us big girls could really use this message. 

Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt: This sure was a fun and good read. A young boy in middle school who deals thinks his teacher hates him…but really digs into the heart of some middle school stuff, like dysfunctional families, friendship, finding mentors in unlikely places, and the true goodness of people. Definitely one of my favorite books from this year.

Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt: While this book is about high schoolers instead of middle schoolers, it is still a good read for that age group. The book really delves into family dynamics and how sisters grow, develop, and lose connection over the years. It made me really think about how people communicate, and how I might be missing what people are saying to me.

Perfectly Unique by Annie F. Downs: One of my favorite Annie F. Downs books, it is written for young girls…but makes a great read for anyone that works with young girls. Talking through issues like self-image, praising God, and loving yourself, Perfectly Unique gives great advice and suggestions on making it through the tough middle school years.

Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay: Once again, not a book about middle schoolers, but it hits on such big things that kids deal with growing up (like loss, pain, fear, tragedy, hope, love, etc.) It does a good job laying out the social dynamics of the school scene and how people who are different try to find their way in it. One of my favorite books from last year as well.

What books do you recommend for someone surrounded by middle schoolers?

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