Best Friend Friday #3 - Organization for the New Year

Posted on December 19, 2014 by Sarah Brown | 0 Comments

In between Christmas and New Years, I always spend time getting myself organized for the new year. With balancing working at home, while taking care of a 3-year-old, I have to stay on the ball, or I don’t get anything accomplished. 

For this edition of Best Friend Friday, if you were my best friend, sitting on my dog-haired covered couch, and we were sharing a cup of tea, I’d want you to know about these great products to get organized in the New Year:

Live Life Beautifully Journal: I am most excited about using Gretchen’s new 52-week journal. I have used a prayer journal for a long time, but have never used a journal to really just look at my life. As she says on her website, “this journal has been intentionally designed to help you craft your mission statement, dream big, and plan ways to serve Jesus and remember what He has done throughout the year.” Yes please!

Lara Casey’s Powersheets: I just cannot wait to dig into these (mine arrived yesterday!). I see these as a way to make sure my year doesn’t go by without accomplishing the things that are important to me, while also focusing on Jesus. I have some big dreams and goals for 2015, and these powersheets are going to keep me on task. (I also cannot wait to get Lara’s new book Make It Happen in the mail!)

Simplified Planner: Went with this planner as I am a super simple girl, so this definitely appealed to me. I had been using a weekly calendar, and have switched to a daily one, as I need so much more space than my weekly is allowing for these days. (They are sold out on her website, but saw one at a store the other day, so check out some of her retailers in your area).

Book Journal: Because I read so many books each year, if I don’t take the time to write down my book-thoughts, I will forget too much from the book. This year, I am planning to keep a book journal, to record my favorite quotes, thoughts, and ideas from each book I read. I found this cool Moleskine Book Journal - anyone every used it? 

What organizational tools will you use in the new year?


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