Eternity on your Eyeballs

Posted on April 09, 2015 by Sarah Brown | 0 Comments

A few months ago, I listened to a wonderful podcast by Jamie Ivey, where she was talking with one of my favorite authors Gloria Furman. (She wrote Treasuring Christ when Your Hands are Full - which was one of my top 10 favorite reads from 2014). During the podcast, Gloria quoted a Jonathan Edwards prayer, in which he asked God to “stamp eternity on [his] eyeballs."

This prayer has really stuck with me over the past few months, and I can’t help but praying it often. The idea of seeing everything in my day-to-day through this eternity perspective would be life changing. What would it mean to me if I had eternity stamped on my eyeballs?

I think I would care a lot less about the terribly slow driver who is texting instead of driving, because instead of getting frustrated, I would understand that I frustrate God in so many of the same ways, and He is so very gracious with me.

I think I would care a lot less about my child behaving perfectly in church, because instead of expecting perfection, I would understand that I often fidget and get antsy when I am having to sit still before the Lord.

I think I would care a lot less about knocking my to-do list out of the park, because instead of having to accomplish tasks in order to feel worthy, I would understand that I could do so many things (or so few things), and God would still love me just the same.

I think I would care a lot less about earning so much money and saving so much money for the future, because instead of safekeeping my money out of fear, I would understand that all that I have is from the Lord and it is just laughable to assume that I can control what is the Lord’s to begin with.

I want to stamp eternity on my eyeballs today and tomorrow and next week. I want to look through the lens of eternity, and have that perspective, when I view anything and everything in my life. I want to let so much go…just give it up…and see Jesus before me. 

How would stamping eternity on your eyeballs affect your day to day?

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