New Baby Boy and Christmas Coupon!

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Hello friends!

It has been a while since I have done much on Glowing Local, as we have been taking some time off to welcome our new baby boy to our family. Another red head and such a great little baby…we are all thrilled to add him to our pack.

The past two months have been a much needed break for me. I had great intentions of getting some good blogs written, planning quite a few things for a holiday Christmas launch, working on some new journals; but, none of that happened…and it is great. Our family, my body, my soul…it all just needed a good rest and break from it all.

It has been nice to not feel the pressure to “do more” this holiday season, like trying to sell products or get our family overbooked in December. It’s been nice to take a big break from social media, having deleted the apps from my phone for a good chunk of time. It was especially nice to delete my work e-mail off my phone, making sure that I didn’t feel the pressure to “do something” all the time. Overall, it was just what I needed as we readjusted to our new normal routine around here.

I have been praying over Glowing Local quite a bit lately…after the summer, I was having funny feelings about doing the whole Christian business thing - whether I was being authentic, whether this is the direction I still wanted to go, whether I was allowing comparison affect me more than I realized. The past two months have been good to just step back and reset…I am still not quite sure what is next, but I know it has been good for my soul!

As the year winds down, I am thankful for so many blessings, especially our family, my work, our friends, and this great community who have supported Glowing Local over the past year - THANK YOU!  To show my appreciation, I want to offer 15% off individual Praying for your Husband journals from now until December 18. Use Code GLChristmas15 to get your discount. As the New Year rolls in, what a wonderful time to commit to praying intentionally for your husband (or future husband!)

Merry Christmas, and check back soon for more updates and end-of-year book posts!

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Where's Jesus on Summer Vacation?

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For me, summer is a hard time for quiet, alone time with the Lord. There is no consistent schedule provided by school or church programming. Many people take numerous trips or vacations during the summer. I also tend to do quite a bit more, soaking up those long summer days, so I am just not inside as much.

It seems like YEARS ago since I made my New Years Resolutions and set some spiritual goals for the year. Some things have been working okay (some things not at all), but the change in the summer schedule sure doesn’t help my consistency in reading my Bible or praying.

So how do you keep Jesus in summer vacation? How do you find time to spend with the Lord, when your life feels without structure or you’re constantly traveling? 

Here are some things I have tried before that could work for you:

1. Just try for a Daily Ritual. I talked about this back in January, but instead of feeling like you have to complete this HUGE list of spiritual accomplishments each day, figure out one thing you can do this summer, that no matter how chaotic your day, it stays consistent. For you, it might be reading a chapter of the Bible before going to sleep. Or, praying a verse for your husband every morning while drinking your coffee. One thing you do each day that doesn’t change.

2. Put your phone to good use. When traveling, I feel like I would have to pack a separate bag for all of my quiet time stuff (Bible, journal, books, concordance, etc.) Because it can feel like a pain, I often leave them at home and put my phone to good use. I will take a picture of the verses I am praying over in my Husband journal. I will use a Bible app on my phone to read through Scripture. I will have a Christian audio book on my Audible app so that I have something to listen to while on the road. My phone ends up helping me stay focused on vacation when I don’t have other resources available.

3. Use your active time as a way to pray. Summer is a natural time to be more active, as lots of people will walk the dog, take a bike ride, or run on the beach. I’ve talked about Prayer Walking before, and using your active time for prayer is a great idea. Out for a bike ride with the family around the neighborhood? Change it into a time to pray for your neighbors. Watching your child play on the playground for the 100th time? Try praying for your child’s different body parts as ways to serve the Lord (his hands to be giving, mouth to be encouraging, head to be wise). 

4. Add some good books to your list. I read a lot less during the summer months, but many people read a lot more. If you’re snagging a book to read this summer, try one that is about or points you towards the Lord. You can check out some Christian books I have read this year and last year to get some ideas.

5. Give yourself some grace. I also don't put too much pressure on myself...I am going to miss a few days here and there, and you know what? No big deal. Give yourself a dose of grace!

What ways do you remember Jesus during the summer? Any suggestions for the less structured, care-free summer days?

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Father's Day Coupon

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Have a special husband at home that needs the perfect Father’s Day Gift? What better way to really give to your husband this year than by committing to pray for him over the next 6 months?!

If you’re looking to make a real difference in your husband’s life, prayer is where it’s at. I started praying specifically for my husband a few years ago, and gosh-o-golly, has it made a HUGE difference. I don’t pray because I am trying to change my hubs; instead, I see it as a way for me to continually give his life over to God. 

The Praying for your Husband journal is nothing more than that - a way to point you to Jesus and pray specifically for your husband. What a great gift to give him this Father’s Day!!

Use coupon code FathersDay15 for 15% off our individual Praying for your Husband journals. Offer is good until Father’s Day, June 21.

Start praying today…what a wonderful way to celebrate your main squeeze!

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Praying for your Future Husband

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I get asked quite often about whether the Praying for Your Husband journal is good for women that are not yet married, and if it can be used to pray for your FUTURE husband. The answer is…YES!

I heard from a couple of single girls who started using it that way this winter as part of their small group time. As women who are trying to seek the Lord, instead of finding love in all the wrong places, the small group committed to praying for Mr. Right, even though they might not know who he is yet.

(Great photo from @angelaols)

Throughout the past few months, the small group has used their Praying for your Husband journals each week alongside their Bible Study curriculum…an easy way to be intentional about laying their desires for a husband at the feet of the Lord, committing their future (and their husband’s future) to the Lord.

What a great way to focus on Jesus during a time in life when the world tells you that love can be immediate, temporary, and self-seeking. 

One girl in the group also found it as a way to stay accountable. She shared that when going on dates, it is easy to get wrapped up in the feelings of the moment, but since she has been praying for her future husband, “I have new perspective. I find myself stopping and thinking about whether this guy has what the Bible calls us to strive for - humility, surrender, kind words - the same things I have been praying for my future husband."

Thanks to the D3 Small Group for sharing their story…love how you are committing your life to Jesus right now!  

Do you pray for your future husband, if you are not yet married?  If you are married, did you pray for him before you got married?

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Easter Coupon

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I just love Easter and everything about Easter. It feels like such a fresh start - a new beginning, a feeling of rejuvenation and rebirth. And, what a great time of year to take a good look at how your year is going and what is ahead.

I know I made many goals in January, and I have been working hard on my Daily Ritual (I’ve loved doing this!). But, I have let so many things slip, so many things that are very important to me. Easter feels like a great time to start again, give myself grace, and refocus on what is important in my life.

If you are looking for a new start in your prayer life this Easter season, I am sharing a coupon code on our Instagram account today, so head over to snag it. Committing to pray for your husband over the next 6 months is such a great way to start fresh, praying scripture for your husband and drawing near to God this spring.

Happy upcoming Easter and happy coupon-code-day from Glowing Local!

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Praying the Word with Life Lived Beautifully

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Praying scripture is a big deal to me…and I can’t recommend it enough. It is the basis for how I designed the Praying for your Husband journal and the way I pray in my own life. I wrote about How to Pray Scripture a few months ago, explaining how I “put the Word to work.” Since reading Prayer, by Timothy Keller, I have also been using his suggestion of praying through the Psalms - it has been extremely helpful and insightful in my prayer life.

One of the women I admire most online is Gretchen of Life Lived Beautifully. Her blog is probably one of my favorite things, and not a week goes by that I don’t add one of her posts to my favorite blog posts on Pinterest. She is so laser-focused on Jesus, pointing to the Lord in everything she shares. What an inspiration!

(picture from Life Lived Beautifully)

Gretchen shared an oustanding post last week as part of her Well Watered Women series on Praying the Word. It has some great background into why praying God’s Word is so important, and also many suggestions on how to approach prayer time with the Lord. I especially loved her reminder on prayer being a posture, opening our hands as a “physical reminder to…let go of all the things I hold onto and to let God take control.” Words of wisdom right there.

At the end of the post, she lists some great resources…I’ve used her Give Me Jesus journal for quite some time…HIGHLY recommend it. I also enjoy Val Woerner’s prayer journal. And, who can’t love the Praying for you Husband journal too? :)

If you’re looking for some inspiration on praying God’s word, make sure to check out Gretchen’s post…wonderful words from a wise friend!

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Valentines Day Printable Coupon

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Many of you are giving your husbands the greatest gift of all this Valentines Day - the gift of intentional and committed prayer.  If you are one of the many people who ordered a Praying for your Husband Journal for the big Love Day, you can print off the coupon below to give to your hubby as part of your V-Day gift. If you haven’t ordered your Praying for your Husband journal yet, there’s still a chance it will make it in time (fingers crossed…but depends on where you live!) Either way, you can still print out this coupon and give to him on Valentines, with your journal hopefully arriving by Monday.

May these next 6 months be our real way to show love to our husbands by praying for them every day and committing their lives to the Lord.

(Click image to print)

If you need information on how to use your journal or how to remember to pray, check out our Resources page for lots of tips.

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