What I've Been Learning and February Goals

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As of late, I have learned...

• That the Monster Jam is one of the best places to people-watch of all time. Good thing my son wore camo, or he would have stuck out like a sore thumb.

• That sometimes doing an online class like this one is just what you need for some renewal.

• That binge-reading this book in less than 24 hours was completely worth it.

• That nothing makes me feel like more a failure on a weekly basis than trying to fold a fitted sheet.

• That taking my 93 year old grandma to a Clemson basketball game means that she prays for over half of the game as the Lord is the only one who can pull the Tigers through (and that the refs just had it “out for our boys” in more ways than one).

• That James and the Giant Peach was an excellent first chapter book for a 3.5 year old (but the movie was an especially bad idea).

• That daily success can sometimes be measured in how quickly you can pick up 1000 small beads that your toddler dropped on the floor, before your dog can eat them.

Around the web, I am loving:
• The amazing spiritual discipline of wearing better pants - I completely agree.
• Ever sync your goals with Scripture?
• I need to repeat these 15 promises over and over
• The funniest thing I have seen on the web this month
• This surprisingly good recipe that is oh so healthy

Looking forward to and hoping to accomplish these things in February:
• Continue working on 2 new Glowing Local journals
• Second flight with the little guy to visit family
• Finally get to this book that has been on my to-read shelf for 3 years?
• My first Influence Network group get together!
• Play more chess with the hubby

What do you have planned for February? Learn anything good in January?

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What I've Learned and January 2015 Goals

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December always makes for a busy month of fun and lots to do. With many work-projects, hours of travel, much family-time, obligatory preschool programs, and much more, there was much to learn.

Things I learned in December:

1. Don’t ever approach a pet turkey wearing a hat. My mother-in-law learned this in a most unfortunate way.

2. When you read 117 books in a year, your Christmas pile looks something like this. And you also receive a lot of awesome Barnes & Noble gift cards.

3. Be careful when making a Happy Birthday Jesus cake. Gumballs from 1997 don’t necessarily taste good anymore.

4. Getting up early has great advantages with a view like this. A back porch can declare the Glory of the Lord in so many ways.

5. The Tennessee Aquarium does not disappoint. I think my husband and I enjoyed it more than our 3-year old.

6. Making online-friends is the best. Being featured by Life Lived Beautifully was a real treat.

Around the web, I am loving:
• The one resolution from my fave author of Love Idol 
• "Step on snake before breakfast” - great words for the new year
• Good ideas on reading more in the coming year
• Why do we glorify busy?
• Good thoughts on being unseen this year
• The Modern Mrs. Darcy book linkup of favorite books 

In January, I am hoping to:
• Finish up work on a new Glowing Local journal!
• Send out the first birthday newsletter with a birthday discount code!
• Host 3 baby showers
• Take my son to the Monster Truck Show (oh me, oh my)
• Start my 2015 book list as this 2014 is now history

Happy 2015! What are you up to this month? 

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