Praying for Your Husband Journals are Here!

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I cannot believe that this day is here…the launch of our first product - a Praying for Your Husband journal. After years of planning and dreaming, this day really kicks off the start of what Glowing Local is all about.

On this website, I plan to talk quite a bit about different ways to make a difference right where you are, in your local community. One of the best ways I see to do that is through prayer. And what person has more of an impact on you, and what your vision of local community is, than your husband?

I started praying specifically for my husband about 2 years ago. I had always prayed for him, but mainly just some big, general prayers like, “help him find a job,” or “help him realize that he needs to clean up the bathroom sink.” You know - the usual.


But starting 2 years ago, I started writing down specific prayers for him…that he would resist the temptation to complain when around coworkers, that he would commit his day to the Lord no matter what disgruntled person called him on the phone, that he would find Godly friends who also had some common interests as him.

It was amazing what happened over time. By writing down my prayers, I could see huge and amazing ways the Lord had answered. I saw specific, detailed, nitty-gritty prayers answered. I saw big change in my husband’s heart. I could see how God was working and how he was being faithful to my husband, and I had a record of that change over time...due to writing it all down.

I also saw prayers that went unanswered - and what a blessing that is too. Continuing to pray big, it allowed me to draw close to God, and reminds me often that I am not in charge of God’s timing and the way He works.


That is how the Praying for your Husband journal came about. It is a 6-month prayer journal, with each week focusing on a different topic - the Workplace, Integrity, Temptation, Speech, etc. Within each week, there are scripture verses to pray over your husband, suggestions of things you can pray, space for your own list of requests for him, and a spot to write out a prayer for your husband. The journal is a resource to draw you closer to the Lord, by praying faithfully and diligently.

I hope you will join us in glowing some love into the life of your husband. I hope you will come before the Lord every day, drawing near to him in prayer, and seeing how the Lord can work in the life of those dear to you.

Snag your Praying for your Husband journal today!

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Praying through the Holidays - Free Printable

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The holidays are upon us, and nothing brings me to prayer like extended time with family, holiday traffic, and my child being out of school. As you prepare for the holiday season, use this free printable as a way to prepare your heart with prayer, focusing on Jesus during busy weeks ahead. (Click on image below to print PDF file).

What will you do to stay focused on what is really important during the holiday weeks ahead?

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Best Friend Friday #1

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One of my favorite things is learning what my friends enjoy….what books they read, what resources they use to grow in their relationship with the Lord, what activities they have found that can keep my preschooler entertained for the longest amount of time possible, what tips they have for removing black tar from my son’s bottom after an unfortunate incident in the garage this weekend….praise the Lord for friends (and Google).

I want Glowing Local to be a place where you can find new and fun businesses run by Christian women. A place to find resources that (practically) shove you towards the Lord. A place to point out the good things going around online right now.

So, to kick off, if you were my best friend, and we were sharing a cup of tea on my dog-hair covered couch, I would want you to know:

  1. Brooke McGlothlin of the MOB society (and author of one of my favorite books Praying for Boys) is encouraging families to have a heart of thanksLIVING this holiday season. As she says in her post, "how great would it be to not only GIVE thanks, but to LIVE thanks.” Follow along with her #thanksLIVING hashtag on her Instagram to see her daily prompts.
  2. Last week, I listened to the Influence Network’s podcast interviewing Gretchen of Life Lived Beautifully. She has some great suggestions on daily quiet times. I have used (and loved) her Give Me Jesus journal for a few months…can’t wait for her new products to hit her store later this month!
  3. I recently finished reading Not By Sight…great read! I usually fly through books, and this one had me reading slowly. I have returned to it recently, rereading applicable sections, as I’ve been studying through John.
  4. Speaking of studying John, have you read Women of the Word yet? If not, ORDER IT IMMEDIATELY. It was eye opening in how I now do my quiet times.
Have any cool products, books, or companies we should check out?

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Seeing Christ During the Advent Season

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Advent. Defined as the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. The time for us, as Christians, to wait expectant for the arrival of the MOST notable person, thing, and event. But, also a time of the year demanding the most of my time, my emotions, and myself.

The Advent season always comes as a challenge to me, kicking off the busiest month of the year by instead choosing to slow down and see the gift before me. To focus on the magnificent story woven throughout Scripture, and seeing the promises fulfilled through Christ’s birth.

This season offers a multitude of great resources to point us to Christ…great books and devotionals, cool calendars, great online communities. But, I love what Erin of Home with Boys said on Twitter yesterday:

So, yes, these resources below are wonderful. But, simple is better. The best thing we can do with the Advent season approaching is to just read the Bible, as we wait with expectation for the arrival of the MOST notable person, the fulfillment of our hopes, and the event proclaimed from the beginning of Scripture.

With reading scripture, if you are also looking for some great Advent resources, it is time to snag them before the season begins. Here are some I have used and recommend:


• She Reads Truth Advent Study Pack - awesome study pack from a wonderful online community of women
• Naptime Diaries Advent Devotional - beautiful way to walk through Scripture in a devotional format
• The Greatest Gift - used this last year and cannot wait to read it again
• Unwrapping the Greatest Gift - great family devotional with wonderful pictures


      If you’re looking for some great holiday calendars or decorations that really point towards the meaning of Christmas, I love these ideas:

      • Cradle to Cross Wreath - this sits on our table during the Advent season as we count down the days until Christ’s birth
      •This (pricey!) felt version from the Lullaby Loft is amazing as you move through the Christmas story each day
      • All you crafty types (not me!) might love making this nativity scene from Ginger Snap Crafts
      • These Jesse tree advent ornaments from RedFern Felt are beautiful
      • A simple and elegant wooden nativity set from Charlie’s Woodshop

            As the Advent season approaches, may it turn your heart to the Lord, as you wait expectant for the MOST notable event of the season.

            What Advent resources do you use to focus on Christ during Christmas? Any suggestions?

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            Are my decisions pointing me in the direction I want to go?

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            In the spirit of giving thanks this season, my husband and I have been trying to be more positive when explaining what happened during our day.  We tried to go one night without saying anything negative about the circumstances of our day.  Our conversation went something like this:

            “I am thankful for the opportunity to consider switching to a local bank because the man at our bank was so utterly frustrating today."

            “I am thankful for the that horribly weird and bald kid Caillou, for if I did not have 29 minutes of him today, I might have knocked our son’s head clean across the floor."

            And so on...

            This expression of thankfulness is apparently not making a big change in our attitudes. It’s just making us more creative in the ways we voice our negatives.

            I recently finished reading What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty (talk about a keep-you-up-at-night-till-you-finish type of book). The main character Alice hits her head in gym class, waking up believing that it is 10 years earlier. She believes that she and her husband are newly weds (not 10 years married with three kids). She believes they are blissfully in love (not separated and very mean to each other). Alice can’t understand her life - am I really this mean to people all the time? Do my children really perceive me as angry and constantly frustrated?

            The book has me thinking quite a bit about who I want to be 10 years from now.

            Lisa TerKeurst in her recent book The Best Yes says that “our decisions aren’t isolated choices. Our decisions point our lives in the directions we’re about to head. Show me a decision and I’ll show you a direction."

            In 10 years, I want my child to remember me as a mom who didn’t just point out the negative all the time. I want to be a friend who doesn’t just complain about the situations in my life. I want to be a wife that can think of something positive to say at the table each night, instead of just pointing out the “list of woes” from the day.

            I want to be a person that glows with the light of God’s love in my everyday life.

            What decisions am I making today that are pointing my life in that direction? What am I doing today to feed a heart that glows God’s love to everyone I encounter? What habits or attitudes am I cultivating today that will make me the person I want to be in 10 years? Am I able to look past my circumstances and see how God does abundantly more than I could think or imagine (Eph. 3:20, John 10:10)?

            What decisions are you making today that will point you towards the person you want to be?


            Glowing Local Begins

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            Glowing Local has been a dream of mine for many years. I have worked on it…a little here, a little there…for quite a while, and despite my feelings that this was what I was supposed to do, I always stopped short – scared of actually doing it, scared of actually putting myself out there, scared of what this would mean for our family and my life. But, as often happens, the Lord continued to put it on my heart, giving me the assurance that sometimes stepping out on faith, and trusting despite what I know ahead of time, is a good thing.

            I have a three-year old son, and he just loves books (much like his momma). We read, and read, and read throughout the day. But, it always feels like we read the same books over and over for a period of time…and sometimes that gets old. I get tired of reading about the bears needing their safety gear to go skateboarding, or about semi trucks being articulated trucks with two parts. So, I sometimes skip parts…and to be honest, I think I am good at it. I can see a page, pick out the main idea, and kind of ad-lib, to make it through a little faster.

            But, my son catches me more often than not…so maybe I am not as good as I think. He always says, “Mom, read the story, the whole story.” Busted by a three-year-old. Again.

            But sometimes, I think stepping out into something new is like that too – it is easier to skip over things or just try to ad-lib your life so to get through things a little faster. But I think the Lord calls us to something more – to read the whole story, and not miss out on the abundance that is possible…if only we would stop trying to make the story work according to our own timetable.

            So, this is the start of a better story…one I feel compelled to write in full, not skipping over the good parts. I am hoping this story tells of God, and offers advice on glowing some love in your local story too. I know the Lord works in ways I cannot even imagine, and I look forward to seeing that in Glowing Local.

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