Glowing Back

With a desire to glow love in local communities, we want to tangibly do that by supporting organizations that understand what glowing local is all about. With each purchase on our website, we donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations that glow love into some really great causes. Currently, Glowing Local is supporting the Harvest Hope Food Bank and the Mocha Club Orphan Care project:

Harvest Hope Food Bank: Greenville

Goal: $1000, which packs 100 boxes of food for the hungry


The Harvest Hope Food Bank provides for the needs of hungry individuals by gathering and sharing quality food, feeding approximately 38,000 people each week. Partnering with Feeding America, the largest charitable hunger relief organization in the United States, Harvest Hope Greenville works with 100 agencies, distributing food across the Upstate South Carolina region. Harvest Hope dedicates 98 cents out of every $1 donated to feeding the hungry.

Harvest Hope Greenville also runs an Emergency Food Pantry, providing food on site for families in need. At the Emergency Food Pantry, volunteers and local organizations work to truly end hunger, by connecting those in need with resources, such as educational opportunities, doctor and medical offices, employment options, and much more.

The face of hunger is changing – it could just as easily be me or you; it is likely the face of your neighbor or someone very close to you. The majority of the people Harvest Hope assists are working adults who are trying so very hard to make ends meet. Many are proud individuals, too proud to admit that despite their hard work, they still need help.

The work of Harvest Hope Greenville has been incredibly impactful in our community and is something our family supports on a regular basis. I am so very excited about Glowing Local partnering with Harvest Hope to help end hunger and restore dignity to our neighbors.

Mocha Club Orphan Care project: Lizulu Orphan Care Center in Malawi 

Goal: $1000


The Mocha Club funds and supports different development projects throughout Africa. Through your Glowing Local purchase, we are raising $1000 to support the Lizulu Orphan Care Center in Malawi. The Lizulu Orphan Care Center provides meals, clothes, and blankets for the Adziwa Primary School, where over half of the students have been orphaned by losing their parents to AIDS. The Center also supplies a clean water supply for the school and for families nearby. 

We are excited to support the Mocha Club and their efforts to change the story and glow some love for children in a small village in Africa. To find out more about the Mocha Club and how you can get involved, visit the Mocha Club website.


Have an organization or cause you would think Glowing Local would love? Contact Us and let us know!