I am working to fill this page with amazing resources...keep checking back as I continually update this page!

Prayer Resources:

How to Use your Praying for Your Husband Journal
Tips on how to use our Glowing Local journals to pray for your husband

How to Pray Scripture
How to pray Scripture, especially when using your Glowing Local journal

Remembering to Pray
Tips on how to remind yourself to pray throughout each day

Unconventional Ways to Pray
Prayer Walking: setting up a routine to pray specifically while you walk or exercise

Praying for your Future Husband
How to pray for your husband using the Praying for your Husband journal

Fighting by Praying
Fighting for the important things through prayer

Praying While Folding the Laundry
Make prayer a part of mundane tasks

Praying for your City
Make praying for where you live an important part of your life 

Praying Over My To-Do List
How to make prayer a part of your to-do's

Doing Something Everyday...Like Prayer
How to make prayer a daily priority


How to Read 100 Books in a Year
Tips on making reading a bigger priority in your life

Book Lists and Suggestions
Full list of books read and all book blog posts

General Resources:

The Lies We Tell Ourselves
Free Scripture Printable to combat lies we generally tell ourselves

Daily Rituals: The One Thing I Can Count On
Adding one thing to your life to help remember Jesus throughout the day

Getting Creative About Doing Good
Being intentional to make what is important really important

Eternity On My Eyeballs
Keeping eternity at the forefront of everything

Glowing Some Intentional Love
How to show love to those around you through intentional ways

Running My Life on Proficiency
Am I leaving room for God in my proficient-focused life?

Holiday Resources:

Seeing Christ in the Advent Season
Resources that point you back to Jesus during the busy Christmas holiday

Praying Scripture During the Holiday Season
Five weeks of prayer FREEBIE to use during the busy holiday season